Marine & Road Flares
Marine and road flares contain perchlorate, a thyroid inhibiting chemical that is regulated in drinking water, by the EPA. One perchlorate containing flare can contaminate 1.2 million gallons of drinking water and pose a safety hazard if improperly stored.

Marine flares are required by the United States Coast Guard for ocean going vessels over 16′, and all flares have expiration dates. Unused, unwanted, and expired flares are collected free of charge in every town (see brochure for details). Collected flares are disposed of through a hazardous waste disposal contractor.

Video on Safer Alternatives to Traditional Flares

LED Lights are a Safer Alternative to Traditional Road Flares
Light-emitting diode (LED) safety lights provide a durable design that is safe in hazardous situations. Chemical-free and waterproof, they emit a 360 degree pattern of light from an array of LEDs. Depending on the flash pattern chosen, LED safety lights can blink for 8 to 100 hours on one battery or charge.