A variety of nutrition education programs are available and can be customized for an adult audience. Examples include nutrition education as part of health fairs and screenings, workshops and series of classes for adults of all ages, and cooking demonstrations.

Transitional Assistance Office Food Demonstrations

Staff Trainings and Professional Development Opportunities

Brown Bag Project

Healthy Eating for Older Adults

Cape Cod Municipal Health Group

Fact Sheets & Newsletters:
Calcium: Are You Getting Enough?
Cholesterol: Raising Your Level of HDL
DASH Eating Plan
Healthy Habits for Older Adults: Eat Well, Live Well
High Blood Pressure

SNAP-Ed programming may be available for income-eligible audiences. This federally-funded initiative provides education and information about healthful eating to individuals and families who receive or are eligible to receive SNAP benefits (formerly known as food stamps). Interested in learning more? Fill out the form below!

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