Workshops, Classes, Seminars

The Extension’s Marine Team is engaged in educating residents on species and habitats in our surrounding waters as well as providing hands-on opportunities to restore and sustain shellfish to bay habitats. Below is a list of current educational events.


Interested in getting into shellfish aquaculture, or already there but want to learn more? The Cooperative Extension Marine Program offers a class that addresses all phases of shellfish aquaculture production.  This class meets once a week in the evening and 1-2 field trips will be scheduled on weekends.  Cost for the 8 week course is $150.00.  The 2018 course begins on Thursday, March 22, 2018 and will run every Thursday night through May 10th. The class will be held at the Barnstable County Complex – Harborview Conference Room on Route 6A in Barnstable and will meet from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. Additional optional field trips will be offered to enrolled students (times and dates to be determined).

Students may audit the course or opt to take it as a certification course. Certification will be issued by the Southeastern Massachusetts Aquaculture Center (SEMAC) Board of Directors to students with an exam score of 80% or better.

If you have questions about the class please call or email Abigail Archer at 508-375-6702 or

2018 Class Materials

Class #1 – March 22
FoSF 2018 Course Outline
FoSF 2018_1 Intro_22 Mar 18_lecture
FoSF 2018_1 Intro_22 Mar 18_lecture notes handout

2009 Cape Cod Aquaculture brochure_revised
clam_oyster_life cycle
ECSGA_BMP_Manual – print 2 sided
MA aqua outlook 2012
MA BMP final draft update Feb 2009 – Oct 2011
Marine Aqua Species for the NE-NRAC
SEMAC Tidings Fall 2017
SEMAC Tidings Spring 2017
ShellfishAqua.GoodforEnviron.ECSG brochure

Class #2 – March 29
FoSF Seed Supply 29 Mar 18
FoSF Seed Supply 29 Mar 18_lecture notes handout

airlift upweller plan
DMF_2018 approved sources for seed purchases
How to Buy Clam Seed Fact Sheet
shellfish upweller links
solar flupsy
upweller silo construction – NRAC

Class #3 – April 5
FOSF Clam (Quahog) Farming 5 April 2018 lecture notes handout
FOSF Clam (Quahog) Farming 5 April 2018
Hard Clam Nursery Methods_Milliken 4-5-18 handout

AManualforCultureofHardClam in SC
biology and culture of the hard clam_SRAC 2005rev
Biology Northern Quahog_Rice
Biomass, Production, and Turnover Quahogs_JSR 1990
clam tents
Effect of N on growth rate of quahogs_2002
Effects Stocking Size Density softshell_BEal Maine
Ex Trials Quahogs Maine_Beal 2009
 HardClamHatchery and NurseryProduction
Maine clam tents
Pictorial-Hatchery-Manual Soft Shell clams Maine_2011
Quahog biology aspects_Bricelj
soft shell population survey NS
softshell clam culture_biology-NRAC
softshell clam culture_hatchery- NRAC
spat collection of softshell clams using mats_2012
steamer recruitment

Class #4 April 11
FoSF Oysters 12 Apr 2018_lecture notes handouts
FoSF Oysters 12 Apr 2018_lecture

AK_oyster bag system
New Brunswick Oyster Reference Manual_2008
oyster farming equipment
Oyster Gro Marine Bulletin Draft 4-10-14
oyster grow-out cages function as artificial reefs for temperate fishes
Oyster Hatchery Techniques
Oyster Overwintering_CCCE-WHSG
oyster pitting_UMaine
oyster ranch brochure
oystergro brochure
PEI_Evaluation of stocking density_off bottom oyster culture
pitting interview_Wellfleet 2012
RFN Effects of Oyster Densities Experiment 2005-2006
Shellfish Habitat Assessment 10 years data summary
Suspended versus bottom oyster culture in eastern Canada_2013
Triploid Oyster MDAR Final Report_2011
VA Remote-Set Manual

Class #5 April 19
FoSF Safe Shellfish Handling 19 Apr 2018 handouts
FoSF Safe Shellfish Handling 19 Apr 2018 lecture
Regulation and Permitting_DMF-Schillaci 4-19-18

322 CMR 16.00 – Shellfish Harvest and Handling_DMF
2018 MA Vibrio Control Plan
Vibrio Regs_DMF 322 CMR 16
VP facts for commercial harvesters_DMF
Vibrio Regs_DMF 322 CMR 16
VP facts for commercial harvesters_DMF
Vibrio fact sheet ECSGA
DMF revised shellfish harvesting affidavit 2017_final_2
Growing-Oysters-and-the-Threat-of-Vibrio-parahaemolyticus-Vp_Fact Sheet
information for professional oyster harvesters
NSSP Guide for Control Molluscan Shellfish, Update March 2018
Red Tide brochure_DMF
safe shellfish 4
US Aids to Navigation
Boating Handbook – Massachusetts

Class #5 April 26
FoSF Disease_Smolowitz guest lecture 26 Apr 2018
FoSF Disease_Smolowitz guest lecture handout 26 Apr 2018
FoSF Predators and Pests_lecture 26 Mar 2018
FoSF Predators and Pests_lecture handout 26 Mar 2018

Aqua Mgmt Guide
biosecurity on the farm
Cross-breeding disease resistant oysters
dermo fact sheet VIMS
Diseases Brochure
drill feeding – Lord and Whitlach_2013
Genetic Improve Oysters Disease Resist
history and impact of MSX and Dermo – NRAC
infection dynamics of an oyster parasite, Dermo_Rox
JOD update Maine
major predators of cultured shellfish – NRAC
MSX_CTSG Sunilla
Pests of Concern to New England Shellfish Growers Brochure
predator control – exclusion strategies_NRAC
Predators of Concern to New England Shellfish Growers
tunicates – CT guide

Class #6 May 3
FoSF Business planning 2 May 2016 lecture handout
FoSF Business planning 2 May 2016

AGR-Lite 2014
Aquaculture Risk Management
Aquaculture Risk Mgmt
Biffs Business Plan
Biff’s financials
business – clam computer logbook
Business Planning for Aqua_is it Feasible
C.L.A.M. computer logbook manual
Case study bag & rack_Peter Burns 2016
cultivated clam pilot evaluation_RMA final report 2011
enterprise budget Chesapeake Bay
Enterprise Budgets Farms SE MA
Estimate 3 year oyster growout
Estimate 3 year oyster readme file
HACCP Guide for Aqua Industry
Liability Issues for MA Shellfish Farmers
MD Business Plan Development 19 Oct 10
Noble Sea Farms IFP 2-4-14
Planning for Success in Aqua Business
Planning for Success in Your Aquaculture Business
Risk Mgt workshop Final_Flimlin
Shellfish Harvester or Wholesale Dealer_Bowen PPT
USDA Cultivated Clam Pilot Loss Adjustment Standards Handbook


On May 29, 2015 Woods Hole Sea Grant, Cape Cod Cooperative Extension, and the Natural Resources Conservation Service teamed up to offer a workshop on techniques to stabilize shorelines using plant species other than beachgrass.  Click here to see the agenda:Coastal Plants Workshop Agenda

Presentations from Coastal Plants 2015 Workshop
GregBerman – Recent and Future Erosion
RussellNorton – Beyond Beach Grass; Plants for Coastal Exposures
RebeccaHaney – StormSmart Factsheet
SethWilkinson_1 – Is Green Always Good
AmyHoenig – State-listed Species, Habitats & Plantings
GordonPeabody – Mimicking Performance of Beach Grass
SethWilkinson_2 – An Installer’s Perspective
TimFriary – A Grower’s Perspective

Evaluation Survey
Please contact Greg Berman with any questions.


We have worked with the Massachusetts Maritime Academy, the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries, the Massachusetts Environmental Police and others to create and teach a course that certifies shellfish officers. This is an ongoing effort.


Periodic workshops address the hot-button issues proposed by the industry such as improving shellfish aquaculture production, improving growth, maximizing profitability, and encouraging environmentally sustainable practices.


We provide technical advice on a regular basis to members of the community, natural resource managers, shellfishermen, aquaculturists, research scientists, etc. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions about aquaculture and shellfisheries.

Participants in the Fundamentals of Shellfish Farming course gain hands-on experience planting quahog seed under nets.

A panel of experts answer questions at the workshop, “Management of Shellfish Predators.”

Teachers learn how to count algal cells under the microscope at a teacher training workshop on shellfish feeding.