Research Farm Network

The Research Farm Network (RFN) is a SEMAC sponsored program that began in 2005 to generate useful data regarding shellfish culture methodology. The goals of the RFN are to:

1) provide high quality, relevant data to local shellfish farmers
2) provide multiple ‘platforms’ for demonstration and outreach in different communities
3) increase communication among shellfish farmers in southeastern Massachusetts

The program is based on the model of the Umass Cranberry Station.  Every year shellfish growers can apply to be part of the program and participate in the chosen experiment.  The network of research farms allows for testing of aquaculture methods in many different geographic areas using the same protocols.  This allows shellfish farmers and researchers to gain a better idea of what methods are universally or locally better for production.

Below are reports on some of the experiments conducted.

2017-2019 RFN Project
Growing Methods for Petite Atlantic Surfclams

See the Fall 2016 SEMAC Newsletter and the SEMAC Tidings Fall 2017 Newsletter for an update on the 2015 & 2016 RFN project on handling small oyster seed in bags instead of an upweller.

2011-2012 RFN Project
Comparison of Bottom and Floating Gear for Growing American Oysters in SE Mass

2008-2010 RFN Project – Effect of Triploidy on Oyster Growth and Survival
Seedless Oyster MDAR Final Report_2011


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