Aquaculture Production

Most aquaculture in Massachusetts is for shellfish. As the shellfish aquaculture industry in Massachusetts grows, the species in production and harvest quantities change.  The official statistics of shellfish production are kept by the MA Division of Marine Fisheries and are presented within their 2018 DMF Annual Report. (See pages 41-43)

Barnstable County (Cape Cod)
According to the most recent data available (2018), 265 growers in Massachusetts produce shellfish in Barnstable County located over 660 acres. Over 26 million oysters were landed with a value of $14.5 million dollars. Over 3.7 million quahogs (hard clams) were landed with a value of just under 1 million dollars.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts
According to the most recent data available (2018), a total of 391 aquaculture growers cultivate 1,202 acres of area in Massachusetts. In 2018 the value of the oyster industry was $27.5 million dollars and quahogs (hard clams) just under 1 million. People also grow soft shell clams, blue mussels, bay scallops, surf clams, and a type of seaweed called sugar kelp.

Aquaculture is the 5th highest valued agriculture product in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts according to the 2017 USDA Census of Agriculture.

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