Mini-Grant Program

With funding from the Department of Agricultural Resources Aquaculture Program, the Southeastern Massachusetts Aquaculture Center (SEMAC) has been issuing a mini grant request for proposals since 1998.  These mini grants fund projects which advance the aquaculture industry or address an industry problem.

At this time no funding is available for mini grant projects in 2018-2019.  Please check this page for further updates, or send an email to Josh Reitsma if you would like to be contacted about future mini grant opportunities.

Mini Grant Projects 1998-2012 – Searchable Spreadsheet
This spreadsheet contains the titles of all 144 Mini Grant projects that were funded from 1998-2012, sorted by topic, town, species, and year. If you would like more information about any of these projects, please email Abigail Archer at In this version, the information is grouped by topic. To group the projects by town, species, or year, download a copy of the spreadsheet to your computer, and then use the “Sort&Filter” button on the top right hand corner of the menu bar. Select the column you want to sort the data by, click the “Sort& Filter” button, and when the question box pops up make sure, “Expand the selection” is checked and then hit the button that says, “Sort”.

2012 List of SEMAC Mini Grant Projects
Field Sorting Machine for Hard Clams – Blog

2011 Mini Grant Summary Report
Video – Demonstration of Shoulder Height Bag Jig

1998 Mini Grant Summary Report

Testing out a hard clam sorting device.

Slide from a grower’s report on comparing performance of hanging baskets for oyster aquaculture.

Testing out oyster spat collection devices.

Experimenting with culture of freshwater prawns in indoor tanks.


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