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SEMAC is an agency of Barnstable County, but the Center supports aquaculture interests in all of southeastern Massachusetts, including Barnstable, Bristol, Dukes, Nantucket, and Plymouth Counties. Funding is received from the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources, and the budget is administered through the offices of Cape Cod Cooperative Extension. Priorities are determined by a thirteen member Board which meets twice a year. The SEMAC staff conduct research and monitoring, organize outreach and education events, administer grants, and serve as an unbiased source of information for shellfish and finfish growers in the region.

Present (2017) SEMAC Board Members:

  • Michael Maguire, Co-Chair, Cape Cod Cooperative Extension, Barnstable County
  • Judith McDowell (alternate), Woods Hole Sea Grant Program
  • Richard Karney, Co-Chair, Hatchery Director, Martha’s Vineyard Shellfish Group
  • Dave Grunden (alternate)
  • Chris Sherman, MA Aquaculture Association
  • Ed Baker, Finfish Culturist
  • Keith Wilda, Finfish Culturist
  • Wayne Miller (alternate)
  • Dale Leavitt, Roger Williams University
  • Chuck Lawrence (alternate)
  • Scott Lindell, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
  • Conrad Caia, Shellfish Constable, Town of Yarmouth
  • Steve Raneo (alternate)
  • Richard Kraus, Aquacultural Research Corporation
  • John Brawley, Shellfish Culturist/Researcher
  • Andrew Cummings, Shellfish Culturist, Wellfleet
  • Joel Fox, Shellfish Culturist(alternate)
  • Chris Gargiulo, Shellfish Culturist, Cotuit
  • Gregg Morris, Shellfish Culturist, Duxbury
  • Jennifer Mullin, Shellfish Culturist, Barnstable


  • Diane Murphy, Technical Coordinator, Cape Cod Cooperative Extension, Woods Hole Sea Grant Program
  • Josh Reitsma, Marine Program Specialist, Cape Cod Cooperative Extension, Woods Hole Sea Grant Program
  • Abigail Archer, Marine Resource Specialist, Cape Cod Cooperative Extension


SEMAC is one of three aquaculture centers in Massachusetts. SEMAC staff meet once a year with their colleagues from:

Northeastern Massachusetts Aquaculture Center at Salem State College

Western Center for Sustainable Aquaculture at University of Massachusetts Amherst

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