Publications & Resources

Eating Shellfish
Tips for Fresh and Tasty Shellfish – Handling Storage and Cooking
Eating Shellfish as Part of a Healthy Diet

Harvesting Shellfish
Safe Seafood Series Brochure – Safe Shellfish for Recreational Harvesters

Shellfish and Nitrogen Issues
Nitrogen extraction potential of wild and cultured bivalves harvested from nearshore waters of Cape Cod MA-Marine Pollution Bulletin
Shellfish, Nitrogen and the Health of our Coastal Waters  

Growing Shellfish – Oyster & Quahaug Aquaculture
Shellfish Habitat Assessment Report 2003-2017
NE Aquaculture Management Guide 2014
Predators of Concern to New England Shellfish Growers
Pests of Concern to New England Shellfish Growers
Diseases of Concern to New England Shellfish Growers
Evaluation of Three Northern Quahog (=Hard Clam) Mercenaria mercenaria Strains Grown in Massachusetts and New Jersey for QPX-Resistance
Managing Quahaug Parasite Unknown Disease QPX
Restoring Oysters Through Remote Set

Aquaculture Gear Studies
Comparison of Bottom and Floating Gear for Growing American Oysters in SE Mass

Growing and Marketing Petite Surf Clams aka Butter Clams Spisula solidissima
Surfclam-bulletin-FINAL  Growing Methods for Petite Atlantic Surf Clams
New England Butter Clams Marketing and Promotion Plan-Zapalac – 7-10-19
Butter clams – juvenile Surf Clams SEMAC Update to MA Aquaculture Association_1-27-17 – Surf Clams

Growing and Marketing ‘Alternative Species’  and Value-Added Products- Aquaculture
New in 2021!   Shucked Oyster Retail Trial Study – Final Report 7-28-21
Wholesale dealer alternative species study-2014

National Shellfisheries Association Quarterly Newsletter 2013 (3) – Razor Clams: An Industry Perspective
Razor Clams in the Northeast – Presentation to MA Shellfish Officers Association_2015

Economic Impact of Aquaculture
MA Aquaculture Economic Impact Study 2015

Public Outreach about Aquaculture
Shellfish Aquaculture on Cape Cod Brochure
Cape Cod Oysters Brochure

Harmful Algal Blooms (aka Red Tide)
FAQs about Red Tide

Clinging Jellyfish Gonionemus FAQ – WHOI Fact Sheet

Keep Boats OFF the Beach Grass
Rip Currents – Break the Grip of the Rip
These Dunes Aren’t Made for Walking

Use of Dual Frequency Identification Sonar to Monitor Adult River Herring in a Small Coastal Stream 2012
Evaluation of Nature-like and Technical Fishways for the Passage of Alewives at two Coastal Streams in New England 2012

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Useful Links

Federal Agencies and Resources
Woods Hole Sea Grant
MIT Sea Grant

Northeastern Regional Aquaculture Center
NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service

State Agencies
Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries
Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources
Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management

Interstate Shellfish Sanitation Conference

Non Profit, Industry, and Professional Organizations
Massachusetts Aquaculture Association
Massachusetts Aquaculture Association Facebook Page
American Fisheries Society
Southern New England Chapter of the American Fisheries Society
National Shellfisheries Association
East Coast Shellfish Growers Association
American Malacological Society
Cape Cod Conservation District
Martha’s Vineyard Shellfish Group
Massachusetts Shellfish Officers Association
Massachusetts Shellfish Officers Association Facebook Page

Massachusetts Aquaculture Centers
Northeastern Massachusetts Aquaculture Center

Western Massachusetts Aquaculture Center

Southeastern Massachusetts Aquaculture Center