2022 Household Hazardous Waste Collections Schedule

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Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) collections held on Cape Cod are a collaboration between Barnstable County and individual municipalities. The number and frequency of collections vary by town. The household hazardous waste programs work closely with towns to undertake new initiatives for recycling and disposal of difficult to manage wastes. Regional collection programs provide convenient, cost efficient collection of hazardous materials for all Cape towns.

Gallons of Paints Collected

Gallons of Pesticides Collected

Total Gallons Household Chemicals Collected


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Did you miss your town’s collection?

If you missed out on your town’s collection you can attend any other Barnstable County HHW collection for a fee + registration form. Please click here for our non-resident form and registration as well as fee pricing. *YOU MUST REGISTER PRIOR TO ATTENDING YOUR CHOSEN COLLECTION*

Waste should be audited before coming to a collection.  It is important for homeowners to know how to identify and dispose of hazardous products.  Before coming to the collection, follow these simple instructions on how to conduct a Household Hazardous Products Audit (click here).


How Do I Dispose Of…

We know, this is confusing! It is common for residents to bring non-hazardous wastes, such as latex paint, water-based stains and finishes to the collections.  These ARE NOT accepted at collections as you can dispose of these products yourself. To dispose of these items, pour over cat litter to absorb liquid and throw away; or dry out and throw in the trash. Still confused? Click below for a breakdown of the most common products and items we get questioned about.


Small businesses needing to dispose of hazardous waste are encouraged to participate at any collection scheduled throughout Cape Cod.

Barnstable County coordinates a regional collection program in collaboration with individual municipalities. Should you require additional disposal services, you can participate, at cost, through any town’s scheduled collection.








What Small Businesses Need to Know

  • Registration is required.  Call at least 2 weeks ahead of collection date to register and discuss the type and quantities of materials you plan to bring.  (Note:  Barnstable County’s contractor cannot accept acutely hazardous materials).  Upon registration, we will send you a bill of lading and the fee for disposing materials.
  • Disposal fees are the same as the cost paid by the town.  No additional fees or markups are added.
  • Contact information, current collections schedule, and registration information (coming soon).

Links to Additional Information

Very Small Quantity Generator Information (VSQG) 

DEP Summary of Requirements for Small Quantity Generators of Hazardous Waste


Upon entering the collection site, you will be greeted, given educational materials, and asked if you have mercury to recycle.

You will be asked if you have mercury to recycle.

Survey and SortWhile HHW staff members sort your waste, a six question survey will be given.  This is an anonymous survey used for administrative and statistical purposes only.

CollectionAfter being surveyed and sorted, you will be directed to the unloading station where your waste is then collected by the contracted hazardous waste hauler. Residents are asked to stay in their vehicles throughout the entire process.



New England Disposal Technologies, Inc. (NEDT) has opened a Household Hazardous Products Collection Center in Sutton, MA. This collection site, permitted by the MassDEP, is available to accept waste materials from households located in any community in the Commonwealth.  The facility provides a safe hazardous products management option for Massachusetts residents who many have missed their local collection, or do not want to wait for their next scheduled local collection. Click here for additional information.

Permanent Household Hazardous Waste Facilities in Massachusetts

Common Household Hazardous Products

Use, Storage, and Disposal of Household Cleaning Products

Stain Removal

10 Ways to Find Safer Cleaners

Disposal of Smoke Detectors

Click here to find a list of manufacturers that take back smoke detectors

Visitor’s Guide to Recycling on Cape Cod

Sack the bag!

Safer Choice helps consumers, businesses, and purchasers find products that perform and contain ingredients that are safer for human health and the environment. Safer Choice is an EPA Pollution Prevention (P2) program, which includes practices that reduce, eliminate, or prevent pollution at its source, such as using safer ingredients in products. Click here for more info.


Questions about any of our programs or services? Contact:

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Hazardous Materials Environmental Specialist