Worried about flooding? Wondering how you can protect your home? Storms, flooding, and erosion can damage coastal property and affect valued beaches, dunes, and habitat.  Our resources will help you evaluate these threats and what you can do to protect your property and community.


The Coastal Processes Specialist provides technical assistance to the communities of Barnstable County on a variety of coastal land protection and management issues.

About Us

Greg Berman: Gregory Berman, PG, GISP:  Greg is the Coastal Processes Specialist for Barnstable County through the Cape Cod Cooperative Extension and the Woods Hole Sea Grant Program.  He is a certified Profession Geologist and Geographic Information Systems Professional with a Master’s degree in Geological Oceanography from the University of South Florida.  Greg has 20+ years of experience with surveying, interpreting, and reporting on coastal geology.  Prior to joining Cape Cod Cooperative Extension, Greg worked for a private consulting company and the United States Geological Survey. He is originally from Maryland, but has lived in Florida, Hawaii, and Rhode Island before moving to Cape Cod.

Shannon Hulst: Shannon Hulst, CFM: Shannon Hulst is the Floodplain Specialist and Community Rating System Coordinator for Barnstable County through the Cape Cod Cooperative Extension. She is a Certified Floodplain Manager® with a Master’s degree in Marine Affairs from the University of Rhode Island. With a strong background in climate change issues related to flooding, she has worked in floodplain management since 2012, specializing in the National Flood Insurance Program and Community Rating System. Shannon is recognized nationally for her work with the Community Rating System. Prior to joining Cape Cod Cooperative Extension, Shannon worked for a non-profit in Norfolk, VA called Wetlands Watch. She is originally from Maine.


Greg Berman, Coastal Processes Specialist at 508-289-3046 or gberman@barnstablecounty.org

Shannon Hulst, Floodplain Specialist & CRS Coordinator at 508-375-6952 or shannon.hulst@barnstablecounty.org