In response to mandated wellness policies, a variety of programs are available to assist schools in providing nutrition education to youth. Health fairs, afterschool programming, presentations, cooking demonstrations, and food tastings are just a few examples. Please inquire if you are interested in customized programming for school-aged youth.

Educational Displays

We have displays and educational materials that would be appropriate for school functions, such as a Health Fair, Open House, PTA, or Fall Festival. We can offer displays, presentations, interactive activities, and provide cooking demonstrations or food tastings, when appropriate.

Some examples of the displays we have to offer are: Think Your Drink, Jump Start Your Day with Breakfast, Boost Your Bones with Calcium Rich Foods,Vary your Veggies, Focus on Fruits, One Great Tray for the Best School Day, Choose MyPlate: Let’s Eat for the Health of It!, Be Food Safe

Body Walk

An educational, interactive exhibit targeting third graders across Cape Cod. The spring months of March and April are an ideal time to offer this program as it coincides with National Nutrition Month and many other wellness activities offered in our local elementary schools. Body Walk is a wonderful way for students to have fun as they learn about health, nutrition, and physical activity.
Body Walk Brochure (pdf)
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Classroom Activities Manual (pdf)

Food for Thought

Food for Thought  is a monthly electronic newsletter with the goal of providing parents of school-aged children and teachers with advice on how to shop for healthy foods, cook nutrient-rich foods, and eat together as a family. Each issue contains an assortment of timely articles, kid-friendly recipes, video clips, and hot tips all contributed by Registered Dietitians.
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To encourage other parents at your school/agency to subscribe, please use either the sign-up sheet or add the insert to your website or school newsletter.
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Get Fresh!

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Show Me Nutrition

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Other Resources

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SNAP-Ed programming may be available for income-eligible audiences. This federally-funded initiative provides education and information about healthful eating to individuals and families who receive or are eligible to receive SNAP benefits (formerly known as food stamps). Interested in learning more? Fill out the form below!

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