Marine Programs

The goal of the Cape Cod Cooperative Extension Marine Program is to establish, develop and carry out education programs in marine resource development, to assist with problems concerning coastal industries and the management of coastal resources, and to transfer technological innovations, educational and informational materials to public officials, educators, and marine user groups.

The Cape Cod Cooperative Extension staff cooperates with the MA Division of Marine Fisheries, the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Sea Grant Program, the Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory, the Barnstable County Americorps Program, the Massachusetts Aquaculture Association, local shellfish constables and resource officers, and local schools and educators, as well as various other groups in providing a variety of programs and conducting applied research on coastal resource issues.

Specific program areas include:

  • Aquaculture research and support
  • Enhancement of shellfish and other coastal marine resources
  • Monitoring of coastal water quality
  • Coastal geology and processes monitoring and analysis
  • Marine science education and outreach